Why The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work For Most People.mp4

The Law of Attraction doesn’t work for most people because despite what they consciously strive for, despite what thoughts they keep in the forefront of their conscious mind, despite all their proactivity, practice, persistence and perseverance, they have an unconscious program of self-sabotage that is running the game and keeping all of life’s goodies that they desire at arm’s length. The solution to this problem is to eliminate the self-sabotaging behaviors by eliminating what’s causing them: unconscious guilt, shame, and self-loathing. How do we do this? By loving and forgiving ourselves. How do we do this? By loving and forgiving others. How do we do this? By consciously focusing on acceptance, tolerance, generosity, graciousness, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, estimable acts of kindness and service to others. As we engage in these behaviors as best we can, unconditionally and without exception, every day and in every way possible, we send the message to our subconscious mind that we are good enough, that we are worthy of reward not punishment, and our subconscious mind then puts an end to the inner critic that influences us to sabotage ourselves, and it directs the Law of Attraction to work for us rather than against us, and we begin to manifest the life we desire. http://amzn.to/v4Xx1q

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