The Last Attraction (1929) movie

Based on a story by Marietta Shaginyan. A circus is travelling the roads of the civil war. The actors perform for the Reds and for the Whites alike. Then the circus is requisitioned and the performers are now subordinate to a Red Army political department. Thus the side-show becomes a propaganda carriage and the young tight-rope walkers Serge and Masha will sort out the political situation, conscientiously join the Red Army and take part in the battle against Denikin.

The Last Attraction (1929) movie

Genres: Drama, Silent film
Production Co: Sovkino

Directed by Ivan Pravov, Olga Preobrazhenskaya
Writing Credits: Marietta Shaginyan (story), Viktor Shklovsky (script)
Cinematography by Aleksej Solodkov, Anatoliy Solodkov
Film Editing by Nikolaj Borovishki
Art Direction by Aleksei Utkin

Ivan Bykov as Kurapov
Yelena Maksimova as Polly
Raisa Puzhnaya as Masha
Naum Rogozhin as Klim Visloguby
A. Sashin as Serge
Leonid Yurenev as Vanichka

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