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How to make subliminal messages yourself :): Please listen to these wealth subliminal affirmations twice daily for superior results.
Although headphones are not a requirement, they are recommended to block out external noise.

This recording also uses isochronic tones and binaural beats to help you move into a more relaxed state of mind to accept the subliminal messages more readily. (Moves down to an 8.5 Hz frequency)

Subliminal affirmations used in this video:
I create wealth
I know how to manage my money
I receive double of what I give
I am prosperous in my life
I am wealthy
I am tenacious with the things I want
I get paid what I’m worth
I can handle conflicts as they arise
I invest my money wisely
I am good at making money
I use money to help myself and others

Although consciously, you cannot hear the affirmations, they are entering your subconscious mind directly.

Caution – Please read:

Keep in mind that although our music has been designed to contribute to your general wellness, it is not meant to replace any medical or psychological treatment or consultation. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult with your medical doctor immediately. Do not use while driving or operating machinery.

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