Quantum Physics Proving the Law of Attraction (How to Apply it)

“Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron, and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I will be sharing with you how to understand quantum physics and then kind of cross-apply it into what we call the law of attraction so that we can really apply it and know it from a much deeper level.

“Now quantum physics is something that we’re learning more about. It’s like every day there’s always more science coming out about it. In this video I want to talk about a couple of experiments that show the effect that our thoughts have on the experience of what we experience. That’s going to include what is called the double slit experiment.

“Now the double slit experiment was done back all the way in 1909. What they found was that if you get a particle of light and you shoot it through an opening, that it has a certain effect, it just goes through, but if you put two openings there and you put that particle light or the electron through those, what happens is, based upon the scientific that is observing it, that will affect the outcome of how the particle goes through and whether it turns into a wave or not.

“It’s almost like, as the scientific has the awareness or the observation of knowing the possibility of both separate slits, it then affects the results of what happens. Now [that you went forward unto 01:31] 1998, and there were scientists that found that whether that focus on one or the other, we can influence which one it goes through based upon how much we focus on it.

“Now how can we apply that towards understanding the law of attraction? Under the law of attraction, the idea is that if we focus on what we want, we will bring it more into our life experience. Now a lot of what I share on this video and my videos that I do is how feelings are tied into that, how focused and how much important that is, but it’s about really understanding that when we focus on something, what we are doing is we are creating more of the experience of that. If we can align our feelings to it, we then start to embody more of that.

“Sometimes people might have something they’re focused on, but if they don’t believe they’re worthy of it or that they can even experience it, many times they’ll build resistance in their body. That feeling resistance many times will keep what they want to experience away from them.

“Now the idea behind this is knowing that the more we focus on something, the more it will grow. If we learn how to tailor thoughts towards what we want, and at the same time put in a feeling of presence, a feeling of allowing, a feeling of already having what we want to attract, we then increase the probabilities of us actually experiencing it or even perceiving it.

“The idea behind the fundamental base of this is that all we have to do is get to a place to where we’re able to perceive it, and then we will. It’s the idea of resonance. Versus trying to get something that’s outside of us and bring it in, it’s more about how can we make the invisible visible by getting to the state or what we can perceive and what we are focused on, so balancing those out.

“Now another example I want to show you is by Dr., I think, Marimoto. He passed away recently, but what he talks about is understanding the effect that we have on water. What they did for this experiment — and this has been replicated many, many times before — is that if you get some water, and what you do is you put intention into it, maybe the intention or the emotion of love, maybe the emotion of hate, the emotion of jealousy, or whatever it is, if you put that intention to each of them and then you crystallize the water molecules, they crystallize in a certain way. Now this one will be the crystallization of love. Then I’ll show you the crystallization or hate, or different emotions.

“They’ll show you how they form based upon that intention, that thought that we have that we put into it. They found that even just putting the words on the front of it … My idea behind that is that when you put the words on top of the labeling, then when people looking at it, those people looking at it are influencing it based upon what that word means. Then that is what is affecting the water molecules and the crystallization of it.

“Now the idea behind this is that our bodies are over 70% water, and that based upon our thoughts, that is influencing our body in a…

This video is about Quantum Physics Proving the Law of Attraction (How to Apply it)

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