Peace of Mind Affirmations: Based on the Law Of Attraction + Nature Sounds of waves

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Want a calm and peaceful mind? Use these affirmations based on the law of attraction idea, to help re-program your mind to be at PEACE!

Spoken and produced By: Jason Stephenson.
copyright December 2014

Affirmations used are the following:
Peace envelopes me today
I am safe and protected
I’m happy with my life
I deserve peace in my life
I deserve to be calm and serene
It’s OK for me to be happy
I give myself permission to relax and be calm
I have a peaceful and calming heart and soul
Serenity and peace are all around me
I surround myself with peace
The more love and peace I give out, the more I receive
My life continues to be happy
I am worthy of peace in my life
I feel calm and happy today
Each day brings me great happiness
Helping others brings me joy and happiness
No matter what happens outside, I remain calm within
I choose thoughts which make me happy and at peace
I feel peaceful and happy
Happiness is an emotion I choose often
The world is a peaceful and loving place to be in
I am at peace and well rested
I create a life based on peace and calm
I float along in life happy and at peace
My environment is a garden of peace
My work environment is peaceful and quiet
It’s OK to choose peace
I choose to be calm no matter what
Right now, I breathe in peace
Right now, I breathe in calm
The bottom line is, I am calm
I give myself permission to be happy
I’m happy because I want to be
I choose peace over chaos
I live my life in peace
Today is a chance to be at peace
Today is a chance to be happy
Today I choose happiness in my life
My dominant thoughts are of peace and joy
Laughter is good for me.. so I choose to laugh
I accept all kinds of news with peace in my heart
Im happy in this very moment
I plan to remain peaceful and calm today
Peace cascades through me like a waterfall
Being happy and calm helps my complexion
I reap and sow peace and joy
My reaction to life is to be filled with love and peace
Today I choose peace over chaos
I’m happy to be a part of life
Being happy is a choice I make today
I choose a peaceful and calm spirit
I am at peace with my choices in life

Royalty Free Music by Skanoir
Pure Ambient
Music Standard License
Background waves: Ocean wave beach loop Blastwave FX

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