Manifest Life Goals With Law Of Attraction – Subliminal Binaural Beats Meditation (Brain Training)

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This subliminal brain training meditation helps you to apply the law of attraction when it comes to your goal setting and wish fulfillment.
Manifestation is all about alignment.

The subliminal positive affirmations are specially designed and formulated in a specific way to reach your subconscious mind and put you on the right zone of goal setting.
The brain training also contains Binaural Beats. The carrier frequency is 148hz with 7.5hz theta waves.
148hz relates to regeneration and healing, Lymph and detox.
7.5hz brainwave is related to meditative state, creativity, spirit guide, connection to self awareness and earth magnetic field frequency.

The subliminal affirmations of this session:
I harness the energy of the universe to achieve my goals | I feel gratitude and appreciation for what I have now | My appreciation for what I already have brings me more and more of it | I focus on the good things in any situation | My positive attitude attracts more good and more abundance | I trust the universe and know that everything happens for my higher good | The universe sends me all I need to make my goal come true | I am fully responsible for leading my life to where I want to | My positive mindset attracts the right people and opportunities into my life | I let go of negative feelings and negative people
I surround myself with positive people who make me feel good | The law of attraction works the best for me | I know how to assist the great force of the universe for my own good
Joy, happiness and peace fill my heart and soul | I enjoy the process of manifesting my wishes | I do my best to manifest my desires and the energy of the universe is on my side
I attract the right people who help my wishes to come true | I attract the knowledge, tools and specialty to make things happen

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