Law of Attraction – How to Master Your Mindset (Psychology)

Law of Attraction – How to Master Your Mindset (Psychology)

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👉 Speakers: Donald Trump, Vin Diesel, Les Brown

👉 The key to achieving lasting success and abundance in your life is to master your mindset.

We can give positive thinking, positive questions, positive approaches to life a lot of importance in our life and a lot of focus. Focus on them and give a lot of duration to them over a period of time and they get sealed in the brain as well, and now the brain says that’s easy, and automatically thinks about

First awareness, an understanding and the consciousness to what’s going on, but then the ability now to be self-directed to choose what we want to focus on. So first we’re attentive to it and then redirect it.

Visualization. It’s repetition of that positive alternative to a negative impulse that comes up that gives us personal power.


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