Law of Attraction | Dream Job Manifestation Success Story by Shruti

Law of Attraction: Thoughts become things, Like Attracts Likes and what you think you become. In this video, Shruti is sharing her transformation with Law of Attraction and how she get her Dream Job in Dubai.

Shruti followed the Law of Attraction successfully to manifest her Dream Job in her dream location Dubai. In this video, Shruti talks about how her life changed when she started following the law of attraction and took Life-Coaching and Mentoring from One of India’s Top Life Coach Awesome AJ (Ajay Mishra) to change her life and manifest her dreams. To achieve her dreams, Shruti went through Awesome AJ’s Law of Attraction Coaching and Personal Mentoring Program to transform herself and manifest her dream job at her dream location Dubai. In just a few months of time, Shruti attracted so many opportunities that she left her previous jobs and manifested dream job in Dubai. Shruti has followed all the tools of the law of attraction like affirmations, visualisation, gratitude and much more under the guidance of Law of Attraction Coach Ajay Mishra, popularly known as Awesome AJ. Check his website:

Law of Attraction is the most powerful law and if you use it in the right direction you can change your life and manifest everything you want. And if you are struggling then you need guidance and mentoring to understand how you can overcome your doubts or fears to achieve your dream including dream job.

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