Law of Attraction – Attract Money Hypnosis DVD

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This is a Hypnosis SAMPLE of the 22 minute Law of Attraction – Attracting Money Hypnosis DVD.

In the retail version, Victoria Gallagher, Certified Master Hypnotherapist, guides you through a Hypnosis Induction, taking you through a Virtual Forest where you become very relaxed and open to hypnotic suggestion. The Hypnosis Session continues with affirmations and imagery of wealth, prosperity, and money as well as on screen hypnotic affirmations.

A Hypnosis Session plays in the background.
And that is accompanied by whispered hypnotic affirmations.

Here are just a few of the On Screen Affirmations you will see:

I Now Attract Money
It Feels Good to Have Money
I am Experiencing Prosperity
Money Flows Through Me
My Dreams are Coming True

12 5-Star Reviews:

Law of Attraction Hypnosis Downloadable MP4 Video on Attracting Money helps you to get into a very powerful attracting state every day, by showing you visual images of wealth that are designed to make you feel good quadrupled with: Powerful Onscreen Affirmations, Underlying Hypnosis Audio, and Whispered Background Affirmations. Speed up the Process of the Law of Attraction working in your life by watching this movie and letting it help you to create Positive Feelings toward Money every day.

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