How to use the Law of attraction to find dream job – I LOST MY JOB AND I LIKED IT (part 2)

Part 2 of this Interview on Career Buzz Radio in Toronto with Lilou Macé, on her book ‘I lost my job and I liked it’

International Internet guru Lilou The Big L Mace believes in the Law of Attraction (as revealed in The Secret) and that we can create anything we want using the power of our thoughts. Drawn to the USA from France, she used this law to co-found the 100-Day Reality Challenge community, to build a following of thousands of YouTubers, and to manifest a meeting with Oprah Winfrey, someone she greatly admires without wishing to copy. (The Big L believes that being true to your unique Self is crucial to success.)

Now shes in London and shes lost her job. The time has come to test her beliefs to the limit: at a time of global crisis can she use the Law of Attraction to find her dream job, and thereby empower millions to do likewise?

This is her stream-of-consciousness diary, written over a month, from the moment she was sacked. Travel with her as she grapples with doubt, relishes avocados and finds something good, even in what at first appear to be the most disheartening of setbacks. Deploying a battery of mood-shifting, life-enhancing, and possibly reality-changing techniques, she attempts to prove to herself and to you! that a better way of living is possible. That one can live a truly Juicy Life!

While 30-something Lilou would probably get on with the fictional Bridget
Jones, her real-life diary is a very different thing. Humble, moving, funny and perceptive, it epitomises the style of leadership she believes the world desperately needs. If Lilous approach works, this book might just be The Survival Guide for Our Times, and she the vanguard of a revolution.

Read it, and, most importantly, try it out!

ISBN 978-0-9562546-0-3

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Leigh Anne Saxe, Creator, Coach, Speaker, Radio Host, Author

Leigh Anne Saxe is an inspirational speaker, happiness coach, career coach, radio host and author. With 15+ years experience speaking, coaching and counseling, Leigh Anne is committed to assisting others in finding their joy in the moment.

Leigh Anne is a regular host on the inspirational radio show Career Buzz on CIUT 89.5 FM.

Most recently, Leigh Anne has been speaking on the benefits of appreciation and gratitude. She is the Creator and Inventor of, The Game of Gratitude that has been played in Canada, United States and Nicaragua.

Leigh Annes story Five Open Hearts about her mothers open heart surgery was selected for the upcoming Chicken Soup For the Soul Count Your Blessings book, in stores early November 2009.

Leigh Annes inspirational presentation, The Recipe For Happiness has been well received over the past year. Leigh Anne has presented career and life empowering workshops at many conferences and venues including: The Careers Conference in Wisconsin 2009, The Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) Cannexus Conference 2010, 2009 and 2008, Dialogue 2008 – a global conference hosted for high school guidance counsellors and The National Career Development Associations Global Conference in Washington, DC.

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