How Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?

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How do we attract abundance, wealth, money.
Hello this is Michele Blood and an exciting topic today, and the world is talking about it, the law of attraction, the law of attraction. You see it and read it everywhere. But you know what, the law of attraction has been around since man first existed and long before that. What does it mean?

The law of attraction is this, we have a thought and it is at a certain frequency. It could be a negative thought that oscillates or vibrates at a slow frequency or it could be a positive thought that brings us joy and love and oscillates at a faster frequency. Everything comes from a thought first, from an idea and then it is manifested into form, whether through physical action or manifested in a flash like the advanced gurus can do. This world is oscillating energy, thought energy. Now we think we actually attract things like a magnet, but that’s just words we are using to help speak about something that is very complicated and yet very simple. So, we look at it lilke we are a magnet and we are attracting something into our lives, but what actually is happening is that the thought vibration then flows out from us and then we are attracted to that opportunities that are vibrating at that same frequency.

It’s like electricity, you plug in the light and a light comes on. If you don’t plug the light in then you say “I want there to be light, I want there to be light” and you are wondering why you are not attracting anything into your life. That’s because you are not plugged in at that frequency that, that thought is at. You are not believing it, you haven’t make a decision that is what you really want.

Now, let’s go one step further. How do we get to oscillate or vibrate at that higher frequency where we do get to attract what we want into our lives. We’ll this is where we jump over the terror barrier and we have to take physical action and we have to visualize and meditate. There are many, many different things that you can do to attract what it is you want into your life. You can choose to attract certain things into your life, you can, but you have to take action, you have to meditate, you have to feel it. You have to be at that oscillation, at that vibration of the thing that you are thinking about.

Or you will just have wishful thinking and you will be a boat rocking around without any oars going anywhere. But you will still be using the law of attraction without realizing it. The law of attraction is part of all the universal laws, it is very, very simple. You just said it was complicated before, lets keep it simple. Think a positive thought, think a happy thought, think about love. Then put love and that happiness, which is that higher vibration I’m talking about into your goal. Put all your love into that goal, your passion and then that goal will start vibrating at the frequency with all the opportunitiies to make it manifest into this reality of the third dimension. It’s fun, use the law of attraction, but know that it is you and your love. And my message as it always is, bring more love into your life and everything else will be attracted into your life that comes from that love. More love and start attracting abundance, wealth and money.

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