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Mindfulness meditation – Hypnosis – Guided Meditation – Sleep – Law of Attraction – guided hypnosis – This is a popular session among my clients. They tell me about how they wake up and feel so happy and refreshed. They also tell me that this session has worked so incredibly for them that they cannot wait to do more. All of my hypnosis / meditation scripts are pointed towards empowerment and are made with love.

This Law Of Attraction Hypnosis is geared towards removing limiting thoughts which may be standing in the way of your manifesting the things you really want in your life. Thoughts Create Things is a term coined by Mike Dooley who happens to have been a teacher of mine in the Law of Attraction. What better way to remove limiting thoughts and beliefs than by hypnosis? All of my hypnosis sessions allow for you to choose whether or not you would like to drift off to sleep or wake up feeling refreshed at the end. So listening to this at any time of the day or night is optimal.

If you would like a personalized recording made just for you and the particular areas of life you would like to work on, feel free to visit my website at

I applaud you for making the decision to empower yourself.

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