Binaural Beats for Law of Attraction – Affirmation Hypnosis for Money and Success (Theta Waves)

Positive Affirmation on Binaural Beats for influencing the Law of Attraction and attract money, success and abundance into your life. Listen to this Money affirmation hypnosis daily, to allow it to enter your subconscious mind. The binaural beats on Theta waves will allow your mind to relax and take in the message in a hypnotic way. The binaural beats has a frequency of 5 Hertz for deep relaxation and meditation.
So attract money and success by the law of attraction by sending out positive energies and thoughts into the universe, which will come back to you as like attract like. Earn the money you know you deserve and reach the goals and dreams you have. Affirmations allows you to make it clear to your subconscious mind what you want so that you start to believe it, and your new thought pattern then becomes your reality and new truth, even if you haven’t reach the goal yet… you need to believe it before you see it.

So fill your life with money, riches and abundant and attract joy and happiness into your life with this daily positive affirmation for success. The law of attraction can be on your side, if you allow it to be.

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