Attract Women Easily – Affirmations for Law of Attraction

Premium Meditation Music Presents – Attract Women Easily Affirmations

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This audio uses ambient music layered with Binaural Beats specifically tuned to assist in the Law of attraction – Specifically for attracting love and relationships.

For Best Results Use Headphones and Listen Twice a day (Morning and Night)

The audio is layered with the following positive affirmations:

I radiate confidence and charm that women find irresistibly attractive.
I see myself through the eyes of success.
I have unlimited power to meet, date and seduce any woman I choose.
I always know what to say and do to melt a woman’s resistance away.
I have irresistable confidence and energy when talking with women.
I radiate a confidence, self-control and power that women find irresistibly
I have unlimited power to seduce the women I want. I can easily have any
woman I choose.
I easily attract women that I find attractive.
My every thought, action and word reflects a life filled to overflowing with
available women.
I have incredible sexual power with women. I radiate an irresistible sexual
energy that arouses women just being in my presence.
I move with a power, assertion and grace that women find irresistibly
I am charming, direct and powerful with the women I want. It is impossible
for a woman to manipulate or control me.
I am a master of the responses, actions, thoughts and processes that bring
me irresistible power with women.
As far as attracting women is concerned, I have infinite power to meet, date
and seduce any woman I choose.
I care for my appearance, grooming and style. I am growing more attractive
with each passing day.
My power with women is infinite; I am charismatic, compelling, vivid and
I quickly adapt in any social situation
My mind is focused on what I want; there is no limit to what can be mine.
As I focus on attracting women, an abundance of available women come
into my life.
I am always surrounded by beautiful women.
With confidence and charisma I easily attract women.
I am a powerful communicator.
I have the power and the passion to make my life what I will.
There are always woman out there who find me attractive and want me.
Women court me and try to win me over. I get to decide the sort of
relationship we will have.
I am the prize. I am good at conveying this notion to women.
I know a woman and her body better than she does.
I am cool and relaxed when flirting with women.
Beautiful women find me irresistibly attractive
I find it easy to approach a women I find attractive.

The brainwave entrainment session provided is not meant to replace or substitute the recommendations or advice of your physician or health care provider. This video should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. If you believe you have a medical condition or problem contact your health care provider.

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