Abraham Hicks ~Interviewed by Oprah Winfrey ~ Law of attraction explained in detail

A wonderful interview of Esther Hicks and Abraham by Oprah.

The Law of attraction explained in detail in this must hear interview of Abraham and Esther Hicks. Enjoy it, it can definitely change your life!

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This video is composed of 3 parts (All the parts are included in this same video on We Are One TV):
Part 1 (Interview)
Part 2 (Interview + channeling)
Part 3 (Interview)

Video Description:
Find out why both the movie The Secret, and Oprah felt that the mainstream population were not yet ready for Abraham…

Esther Hicks, who channels Abraham, was excluded from the mainstream distribution of the movie, The Secret because the director, Rhonda Byrne felt that people might not be ready to understand that we are all constantly connected to Source Energy and that the Law of Attraction is based on our energy vibration.

Oprah, while she loves Abraham, felt that the general public would be “weirded out” by channelling, so she didn’t invite Esther onto her TV Show. Instead, she interviewed Esther on her radio show geared towards a more spiritually awake audience.

Nevertheless, Oprah continues her exploration of The Secret phenomenon with Esther Hicks, co-author of The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham. Esther is a best-selling author and an inspirational speaker who says she dialogues with or “channels” a group of spiritual teachers collectively known as “Abraham.” Esther refers to the material that she channels as “Abraham-Hicks.” During the show, Oprah has the opportunity to talk to these spiritual teachers, or Abraham, as Esther channels their wisdom. Esther explains to Oprah how she channels Abraham—”I just relax and quiet my mind,” Esther says. “I usually focus on my breathing, and within a few seconds I feel the energy of Abraham, a collective consciousness.” Although Oprah doesn’t know what to expect during the actual channeling session, she discovers that the only apparent change with Esther is a slight variation in the tenor and cadence of her speech pattern. Esther shares with Oprah what she says Abraham can bring to people’s lives. “Everyone gets to create their own reality and Abraham’s not interested in telling us what we should create—they’re only interested in showing how we go about creating what our life path is about,” Esther says. Quoting directly from The Law of Attraction, Oprah summarizes the basic lessons of Abraham. “Once you understand that all people, circumstances and events are invited into your experience by you, through your thought, you will begin to live your life as you intended when you made the decision to come forth into this physical body,” Oprah says. “And so, an understanding of the powerful Law of Attraction, coupled with an intention to deliberately create your own life experience, will ultimately lead you to the unparalleled freedom that can only come from a complete understanding and application of the art of allowing.”

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