4 SECRETS to get your CRUSH to like you | LAW OF ATTRACTION

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“4 SECRETS to Get Your Crush to Like You!”
✓ The law of attraction & the secret is real yall! Want to know how to get your crush’s attention ? Or wondering how to get someone to notice you? Some call it PUA, the art of seduction, or simply the law of attraction. In this week’s video I share 4 secrets, life hacks & tips on how to get your crush to like you. You could call this a video about scientifically proven dating tips, pua tips, art of seduction or just a simple life hack video on the law of attraction & the secret. Either way you will be sure to learn something from these tips (plus did u know about astaxanthin ? ) The first tip? Make sure your teeth are white- your crush will appreciate and notice it! There is evidence that shows how effective a white smile can be (scientific dating tips that work) Watch the video to learn more about my other tricks on how to get your crush’s attention fast (including my tip about astaxanthin ) Utilize the law of attraction today!

FTC: This video is sponsored by White with Style.

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