3 ways to Remove Blocks with the Law of Attraction (and Speed up the Process)

“Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron. I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I’m going to be speaking about the idea of removing the blocks that we might find in front of us with the idea of the law of attraction. Now today I was thinking to myself while I was at work. I was like, “What kind of video do I want to create tonight for you guys tomorrow?” which is today that you guys are watching it. I was thinking about this and I was like, “Well what am I going through right now?”

“I realized that I was going through a level of resistance that I was feeling towards having the outcomes I desired for my day, and that I would talk about that. Now in understanding this, I get paid commission. I only make the amount of money I do based upon the percentage of what I sell for the day. With that being said, I was figuring and seeing that, as I was helping people, for the good two-thirds of my day, I was feeling a lot of resistance. Every customer that I would help, I found that it was like they were passing, they wanted me to put things on hold. It was like they weren’t ready to make the decision, whatever it is. I noticed that I was getting a lot of that the first two-thirds of my day.

“Then what happened is I thought about it and I was like, “Why am I going through this? Why am I feeling this?” I realized, and I do this every now and then, I’ll realize the same idea. It’s a constant reminder that I was being completely attached to the outcome, and I was not necessarily seeing customers as somebody I could connect to, or having their best interests at heart. It’s the idea that I add value to them in some way. The idea was more so that I was seeing them as a stepping stone for me to get closer to my goal, to the outcome of what I had in my head.

“Now the thing that made this resistant was it wasn’t happening the way that I wanted it to happen. Because of that, that gap was me feeling that resistance. Now the moment that I realized this, I went out to the next customer, and it was like literally right then and there, something began to shift. Because I began to, as I was helping them, not care whether they bought it or not. I started to really just, whatever their best interest is or whatever they want to do, that is okay.

“All I began to be attached to was the action I could take. I would just take that action but I was not then attached to the outcome of what happened. Now the paradox of this was that the moment I did that, everything began to change. It was like the customers could feel that I was being more genuine, and there was a totally different response between me and the customer. It was like everything just started to happen easier and easier for me. It was like everything, I allowed it to happen versus me having to control it and get in there to make it happen.

“Now the idea behind this is understanding that sometimes the way we think things need to happen can actually be a limitation from the way it could happen. Because when we get focused and we start to see people more as tools than the idea of seeing them as people, the idea is that sometimes what happens is then that limits the expression of what can really happen. People can feel that.

“Maybe at some level the customers I was helping earlier on in the day could feel that I was restricting myself and I wasn’t being genuine because I was more of looking at them as a stepping stone than as actual people. You could feel that through the idea of the law state transference, like whatever I feel, the customers feel. So if I’m feeling like I’m restricting myself because I have a certain way that things have to happen, and if it’s not happening, then they can feel that too. It becomes something that leaks into itself.

“The idea behind this was that the moment I let go of the outcome, and whatever happened could happen, but I would still take action and do what I had to do, the idea is that then everything just began to flow. It became more like all that weight that was on my back just went away. I was just okay with whatever happened. Then everything, consequently enough, happened the way I wanted to anyways. It’s a funny paradox, but nonetheless, that has been one of the most powerful tools that I have found for really being able to let go of the idea of the outcome.

“Now understand that action is still important. I’ll talk about that again in a minute. Now the second way that we can go about the idea of getting ourselves to remove those blockages is understanding how our beliefs create our reality. Now what happens is, when we’re born, we go through a process of conditioning. We are attached to our parents or whoever raised us. The idea is that we begin a process of conforming to our environment and relating to our environment in a certain way to where our beliefs begin to form. As our beliefs begin to form, that begins to shape the..

This video is about 3 ways to Remove Blocks with the Law of Attraction

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